In recent years, Indian project exporters have secured diverse contracts exemplifying their versatility and technological capabilities. BTC is a facilitator of project exports from India; and have arrangements to facilitate Indian companies to secure contracts across various geographies and supplement the development objectives of host countries.
We can provide a steady stream of support to project activities in engineering, procurement, construction (civil, mechanical, electrical or instrumental). This includes the provision of specific equipment related to supplies, construction and building materials, consultancy, technical know-how, technology transfer, design, engineering (basic or detailed).

We can work together in many ways such as:

First: Full development of a JV plant wether including financing or only EPC.
We can send you different opportunities where we can tell you the cost of the land, grid connection, approvals fees, etc. so your team can work on a business plan to provide a tariff or an offer for the project.

Second: Partnering.
Where we can provide an opportunity that you can partner with another developer whether to partially finance a project or partial EPC.

Third: Finance only.
We have different opportunities in hand that are only in the need to finance. We can work on sending you information and simulated business plan for such an opportunity where you can discuss the ability to finance the project. There could be a away to partner in EPC in some cases.

Fourth: Applying for tenders and government PPA.
We can facilitate all the needs to apply for tenders such as Muta University or to apply for PPA’s by the Ministry of Energy where we can find suitable lands and negotiate with land owners and all the other requirements for the application.

Fifth: Other business than Renewable Energy.
We have other opportunities to invest in in the field of tourism or construction. If interested we can discuss more about that.

Sixth: Renewable Energy and other businesses in out side of middle east.
We have many opportunities in different parts of the world such as in Europe or Africa.