yellowYellow Fin Tuna
(Thunnus Albacores)

Size: Whole 2 kg – 10 kg, 10 kg up per piece.
Packing: Packed Individually in Poly Woven Bags.
Catch way: Purse Seiner




Tuna Loins:

Size: 4-6, 6-8, 8-10pcs/kg, 100-200,200-300,300-500,500g up
Packing: 10kgs/carton
Frozen process: BQF, IQF
Purse Seiner :

A common type of seine is a purse seine, named such because along the bottom are a number of rings. A rope passes through all the rings, and when pulled, draws the rings close to one another, preventing the fish from “sounding”, or swimming down to escape the net. This operation is similar to a traditional style purse, which has a drawstring.

The purse seine is a preferred technique for capturing fish species which school, or aggregate, close to the surface, such as sardines, mackerel, tuna and salmon schools. Using purse seining the fisher man catch the fishes soon before they swim up rivers and streams to spawn (aggregation). Boats equipped with purse seines are called purse seiners.