Origin: Brazil
Color: Sparkling White Maximum 45 ICUMSA Attenuation units (ICUMSA method nº4/1978)
Polarization: 99.80% Minimum at 20 Degrees Centigrade
Solubility: 100% Dry/Free Fine Flowing
Moisture: 0.04% Maximum, based on dry weight
Ash Content: 0.04% Maximum by electrical conduct
Granulation: Fine Standard – 0.55-0.70 Am/Mm
Substance: Solid Crystal
Magnetic Particle: 4 Max Mg/Kg
Radiation: Normal without Cesium or Iodine
Reducing Sugar: 0.05% Maximum by Weight
Sediments: None
Smell: None
Hpn Staph Aureus: Nil
SO2:20 Mg/Kg Maximum
MAX AS: 1 P.P.M.
MAX PB: 2 P.P.M.
MAX CU: 3 P.P.M.
CROP: Current

White refined sugar ICUMSA 45 is produced from sound, un-decayed, and unfermented sugar cane.
The sugar does not contain any foreign matter, taste, or odor. Both dry sugar and sugar in solution has the sweet taste typical of white sugar.
Any other specifications not mentioned will meet international specifications.
Also, any deviation from the above specs, due to the fact that each lot may be slightly different, will meet international specifications.


White Crystal Sugar, ICUMSA 150, is the recommendation for most customers because it contains fewer chemicals.
It is more available, and costs less than White Refined Sugar, ICUMSA 45. White Crystal Sugar is produced using a crystallization process without chemical refining.

Specifications of White Crystal Sugar:
Color: White Crystal ICUMSA 150
Origin: Brazil
Polarization: 99.70 degree minimum
Ash Content: 0.08% maximum
Moisture: 0.08% maximum
Radiation: Within internationally acceptable limits
Sediments: None
Smell: No unusual or abnormal smells
Substance Structure: White Crystalline

3. ICUMSA 45-100 RBU
Origin: Brazil
Polarization: 99.80% Min
Ash content: 0.04% Max
Moisture: 0.04% Max
Solubility: 100% Dry & Free Flowing
Radiation: Normal, without presence of cesium or iodine
Color: Sparkling White Crystal
Granulation: Fine to Medium
Reducing Sugar: 0.05% Max by weight.

4. Cane Sugar ICUMSA 100 RBU
Origin: Thailand/ Brazil
Polarization: 99.50% min
Ash content: 0.15% Max
Moisture: 0.10% Max
Solubility: 100% Free Flowing
Radiation: Normal Certified
Color: White
Granulation: Fine


(A) Origin: South America / Brazil
Icumsa: 600 – 1200
Polarization: 96.00% Min
Ash content: 0.09% Max
Moisture: 0.09% Max
Color: Brown
Solubility: 90% Free Flowing
Granulation: Fine
SO2: 20 PPM

(B) Origin: Brazil/Thailand ICUMSA: 42 RBU max. (Equivalent to 300-400)
Polarisation: 97.0 degrees min.
Ash Content: 0.3 – 0.5%
Moisture Content: 0.3 – 0.5%
Solubility: 98.4 – 99.0%
Granulation: Normal
Color: Brown
Chromacity: 350 – 450 rbu B
Presence of: Dextron – 0.5% max.
Radiation: Within internationally accepted limits.
Note: VHP (very high polarisation) raws can also be provided, premiums to be added.

Icumsa 45 – Brazilian Sugar

ICUMSA is an acronym for the “International Commission For Uniform Methods Of Sugar Analysis”, an international regulatory body which sets the standard for sugar analysis tests thereby creating a system which can be used anywhere on the globe to accurately and quickly describe the properties of sugar.

ICUMSA Ratings

ICUMSA ratings are based on a test which determines the precise color of the sugar and communicates this in a numerical reading. This test works because the color of sugar is directly related to how much refining it has undergone.

The ICUMSA test is carried out with an instrument called a tristimulus colorimeter. This is a machine that fires various wavelengths of light at the sugar sample, and detects which were absorbed by the sugar sample, and which were reflected back. Dark colors absorb a great deal of light, whereas light colors absorb very little. For this reason the colorimeter returns a low result of ICUMSA 45 when analyzing highly refined sugar, and a higher ratings of ICUMSA 1000 or more when analyzing more raw sugars.