Trade Finance

Our extensive expertise combined with our strong and flexible financial condition allows us to participate in a variety of transactional structures across each of our product segments, enabling us to provide valuable trading solutions to our counterparts.

Letter of Credit (LC):

Our goal is to engage genuine Buyers and Sellers of various commodities and to provide them Letter of Credit facilities. Our product line offers a variety of leased products from the TOP financial institutions. What we offer are for corporations in B2B basis who are requiring import credit line to do merchanting trade to import any commodities.

We arrange LC to client’s supplier upon a deposit, and a service fee. 10 days before the shipment arrives at the destination, or your warehouse, you are required to settle in full, plus interest and charges.

In brief, Letter of Credit facilities are able to do:

  1. Issue of L/C (sight payment) to client’s suppliers to ease the production plan,
  2. Transfer of L/C, subject to the master L/C is transferable. This service will help the client to do merchanting trade.