Surgical Disposable Mask

Ω Lightweight, non-woven polypropylene material.
Ω Tie/Elastic loops fit comfortably around ears.
Ω Nose clip moulds mask securely to face.
Ω Fluid resistant and disposable.
Ω Provides 99% BFE at 5 micron size; 95% at 3.

Description: Cleanroom contamination control, disposable non-woven face mask with floss-covered round elastic ear-loop for comfort. Compatible for use in CLASS 100 environments, non-linting.

Physical characteristics: Nonwoven pleated, 7″x3.5″ rectangular, glass-free material provides bacterial filtration efficiency of more than 95%. Made with malleable flat lining for a better fit. Individually inspected for sizing, material and workmanship.

Test Methods:
Recommended Practice for Cleanroom Garments No specification exists for this item; an independent test laboratory would classify particle cleanliness into high Category 1 or low Category 2.

Test Results:
Particles• >0.5 um/minute: 592 average
Particle cleanliness, Helmke Drum

Filtration Efficiency:
Overall greater than 99% (>99%)
At >0.5 um               86.5% average
At >5.0 um      95.4% average

Air Permeability:
Breath Thwart: <23.50 Pa
Breath Thwart Upswing: <98.00 Pa
Wet Thwart: <51.50 Pa
Cease Chamber: <180 ml
Cu.ft/minute/sq.ft: 35.41 average

Product : Disposable SSMMS Non Woven Face Mask.
Type : 03 Ply Tie Type and Ear loop or strip Mask.
Colour : Medical Blue, White, Green.

Material Specification:
1. Body Outer: Spun bond + Spun bond + Melt Blown + Spun Bond (SSMMS)
2. Middle Layer: Spun bond Polypropylene (SBPP)
3. Inner Layer: Spun bond Polypropylene (SBPP)
4. Earloop : Polyester and Poly urethane
5. Tie: Spun bond Polypropylene (SBPP)


Tie Type Earloop Mask
Length 7” 175 mm 7” 175 mm
Width 3 ½” [Extend 6 ½” 89 mm 3 ½” 89 mm
Tie/Ear Loop 850 mm 165 mm
Nose Clip 110 mm 90 mm


Characteristics Testing Method Result
Fluid Resistance ASTM F1862/F1862M High Fluid Resistance -160mmHg
Particulate Filtration Efficiency
ASTM F2299/ F2299M PFE @0.3µm large Latex particle
Differential Pressure (ΔP) – Breathability IS 16289:2014 (ΔP) – 25.0 Pa/Cm²

Color: Blue , Green and White
Packaging 1:

Tie Type Mask 100 Nos/P.P Bag 5500/Master Carton
Ear Loop Mask 100 Nos / P.P Bag 5500/Master Carton

Packaging 2: 50 Pcs box packing, 40 box in each master carton. Total 2000 pieces per Master Carton,
Master Carton : Brown/white exterior, 3/5 layer/ double walled master carton.

Price : Negotiable as price is changing .
Payment: 100% advance for the contracted quantity.
Shipment: Partial shipment allowed.

1. Commercial invoice, 1 original + 1 copy;
2. Packing list, 1 original + 1 copy;
3. Airway Bill, 3/3 originals + 3 non-negotiable copies,
4. Certificate of analysis by Equivalent Laboratory.
5. Number of pieces & 3 Ply count by third party surveyor appointed by buyer or as per counting by shipper will be considered as final in loading port.