Exports of Indian BUFFALO meat has been rapidly growing; the meat is lean, nutritious and has been tested to contain 40% less cholesterol, 55% less calories, 10% more proteins, minerals and more vitamins than beef. Indian Buffalo meat has become a cult in many countries including Egypt, Malaysia, Vietnam, Jordan, KSA & Philippines as it is preferred over all other meats for manufacture of value added, meat based processed products like hamburgers, sausages and range of  canned meat.

All livestock are reared naturally in small manageable herds and exclusively fed on natural pastures and agricultural crop residues.  There is no practice of administering hormones or growth promoters to livestock in India. India is free from the dreaded Mad Cow Disease (BSE) and also from various livestock related diseases like Rinderpest, Contagious Bovine Pleuro Pneumonia (CBPP) since long.

Production of deboned, deglanded frozen Buffalo meat for export from India is a very regulated industry under the compulsory licensing of Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), Ministry of Commerce (MoC), Government of India (GOI) that sets strict standards besides using its organizational infrastructure to ensure compliance of prescribed standards.