We are eminent exporter and suppliers of processed buffalo meat, which is processed hygienically. The buffalo meat for sale is cost effective, free from preservatives thus, extensively used in restaurants, hotels and food industry. We store our frozen meat products under requisite temperature in order to maintain aroma, taste and freshness. Further, we pack our meat products using quality packaging material to ensure safe delivery. Packaging can be customized as per the specific requirements of clients. The buffalo meat for sale by us is economical and the packaging does not harm its physical and biological properties.

#Compensated Frozen:

We provide Frozen Boneless Buffalo Compensated Meat 92VL that is widely popular among consumers for its high protein content and rich taste. These are the best and most hygienic halal meat products offered by us. We have an in-house quality control lab that assists us in processing of hygienic and healthy halal frozen boneless buffalo meat. We store our products in cold storage units to preserve its tenderness and flavor.


  • Nutritious and tasty
  • Natural taste and aroma
  • High shelf life

#HQ 6 Cuts (Hind Quarter) :

We are engaged in supplying Hind Quarters and Beef Hind Quarter, which have gained acclamation for high shelf life and free from preservatives. Owing to low cholesterol and fat content, hind quarter of beef are consumed all over the world. In order to maintain taste, aroma and freshness, these meat products are processed and packed under hygienic conditions

  • Top Side
We provide our customers Top Side buffalo meat, which is low in calorie and tastes great when cooked. Processed under hygienic conditions, our frozen meat products are rich in protein thus, high in demand among our health conscious clients. Further, we carefully pack these meat products so that they can retain their properties for longer period.
  • Silver Side
We offer our customers Silver Side buffalo meat, which is low in cholesterol and free from supplements. This 95% lean meat is fresh, tasty and appreciated by clients for high nutritional value. We store under sanitized conditions so as to deliver fresh and clean meat to our clients, situated all over the world.
  • Thick Flank
We are engaged in offering Thick Flank, which is tender, fresh and tastes exotic when roasted. Processed as per prevailing quality standards, our frozen meat products are relished by clients, situated all over the world. Great nutritional value and rich taste make Thick Flank an indispensable requirement for special-occasion meals and holiday feasts.
  • Rump Steak
We are offering Rump Steak, which is nutritious and yields a cross section of several muscles since it is cut across the whole primal. Good for health, our frozen meat products are stored under proper room temperature to ensure high shelf life. These are offered in different quantities to fulfill various requirements of clients.
  • Tender Loin
We put forth Tender Loin, which is fresh and offered at most competitive price. This frozen meat product is high in nutritional value and low in cholesterol thus, ideal for customers, who are on low fat diet. Our frozen meat products are processed under hygienic conditions so that it can preserve its taste, tenderness and other properties.
  • Strip Lion
We provide our clients Strip Lion, which is cost effective, tender and extremely good for heart. It is high in many vitamins such as zinc, potassium, iron, B12 and B6 thus, provides multiple health benefits to customers. We offer Strip Lion in different quantities so as to cater to diverse requirements of customers..

#F.Q Item (Four Quarters) :

We export and supply Four Quarters, which are consumed by our global customers for low cholesterol level and rich taste. These are hygienically processed and stored to maintain tenderness, aroma and freshness. Packaging of these meat products can be customized as per the requirements of clients.


We provide our clients Buffalo Chuck, which is delicious, hormones free and does not contain any supplements. These are low in cholesterol and calories thus, savored by our customers, situated all over the world. Offered at competitive price, this meat product taste exotic when grilled, boiled and fried. We transport our meat products in refrigerated containers to maintain aroma and freshness.


We are engaged in offering Buffalo Brisket, which is the fleshiest part of buffalo meat. Hygienically washed, these meat products are hygienically washed and stored under requisite temperature to retain tenderness, aroma and taste. Our meat products are nutritious and low in fat content thus, essential requirement for a balanced diet.

Chuck Tender

Available with us is a Buffalo Chuck Tender, which is preservative free and appreciated by clients for rich iron content and low cholesterol & calories. These hygienically processed meat products are an excellent source of vitamin B12, calcium, zinc, selenium and potassium. We use quality packaging material such as master cartons and vacuum sealed poly packs to ensure delivery of meat product in an appropriate conditions.


We export and supply Buffalo Blade, which is rich in taste and relished by our health conscious clients due to high nutritional value and low cholesterol level. These are processed under hygienic conditions so that their aroma and freshness can be maintained. Our contaminants free meat products are extensively used in food industry and retail stores.


Our clients can avail from us Buffalo Slices, which are processed and stored hygienically to maintain freshness and aroma. Known for high shelf life and high nutritional value, these meat products are used in food industry, restaurants and hotels. Further, we can customize packaging of buffalo Slices as per client’s requirements


We put forth for our clients Cubes, which are free from hormones and processed under hygienic and clean environment. These are high in demand among restaurants and hotels due to delectable taste and high nutritious value. Known for fat content, these meat products can be availed at industry leading price.

#Veal Item :

We present a hygienically processed range of Buffalo Meat products that also includes Veal Tenderloin. High on nutrition aspects, these contain higher concentrations of protein. These boneless products are stored at low temperature after processing to preserve its aroma and freshness. Further, they are packaged in vacuum sealed packaging that prevents them from contamination.


  • Nutritious and tasty
  • Natural taste and aroma
  • High shelf life



We are supplying Beef Offals, which are popular among our clients due to rich taste and nutritious value. Offered at industry leading price, these meat products taste exotic when grilled, fried and boiled. These are stored under requisite temperature so as to maintain freshness, tenderness and other properties.


  • Nutritious and tasty
  • Natural taste and aroma
  • High shelf life



Inspection & Health Certification :

All animals slaughtered at the ultra modern abattoirs-cum-meat complexes undergo compulsory ante mortem and continuous postmortem inspection, performed by the competent Government Veterinarians and the entire compensated Buffalo processing operation is under the continuous supervision of the Indian Government inspection agency. Comprehensive Veterinary Health Certificate is issued for every consignment of compensated Buffalo confirming its suitability for human consumption. This makes us very quality conscious and assured catering of quality product to our customers.


Halal Certification:

The meat products are manufactured exclusively from animals which have been slaughtered strictly in accordance to Islamic Rites and a Halal Certificate is provided for every consignment.



Labels are in English/Arabic and English. Products can also be labeled in other languages as per requirements of importers.


Quality Policies:

Halal Slaughter Line.
A mechanical hide puller flays and skins hides.
Veterinarians conduct postmortem examination of offal and carcasses.
Carcasses Chilling Room.
Deboning of sides and trimming of cuts in air-conditioned deboning halls maintained at 12
Automatic Corned Buffaloes can fill machine.
Automatic Corned Buffaloes can vacuum seamer.
Loading of Corned Buffaloes cans for sterilization in retorts.
Vacuum Packing of boneless ground meat.