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Octopus (Pulpo)

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The noble calamares go by many names, calamari, calamaretti, calamari – depending on which country they are at home. But the fine cephalopod from the octopus family always stands for its very own, uncomplicated versatility. This also gives calamares a wealth of recipes: the tender squid can often be grilled, roasted, filled, deep-fried and even stewed in just a few minutes with just a few ingredients.

When cleaned and washed, it can be fried and served the Greek way with bean puree and sage. In a matter of minutes, it can also be cooked on the grill, simply coated with garlic and herb oil or, with a spicy filling, on a colorful summer salad. In the case of Risotto Nero, the calamar’s ink colors and flavors a creamy risotto. Crispy fried calamari is cut into rings and bathed in batter: The crispy squid rings taste particularly good with salad and lemon mayonnaise!


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But the squid can do more, it can be stewed in a little fish stock with a little olive oil, white wine, garlic and bay leaf over medium heat, after half an hour it is tender as butter – ideal for fine fish soups, spaghetti mare, Spanish paella, strong stews or as Topping on the oven-baked pizza. The versatile is also at home in Vietnam, where it is tenderly cooked, only seasoned with a dip of lime juice, salt and fresh black pepper, and served with a colorful vegetable salad with sprouts. Quick, easy, creative – this is how calamares are made!


Free-floating and in small groups, the squid swims the seas of the North Atlantic from the North Sea to West Africa, is on the move in the Mediterranean and in the South China Sea. At a depth of around 100 meters, the sporty squid feed on crabs, mussels and smaller fish.


Pulpo has long been at home in Mediterranean cuisine, no seafood salad without its tender, spicy meat. Pulpo can also be found on seafood pizza or as part of a Spanish paella, it is often served fresh from the grill, with garlic aioli, green herb salsa verde or spicy chimichurri sauce with chilli and coriander. In Galicia, it is served tenderly braised as a tapas specialty on potatoes, as Pulpo a la Gallega – also known as Pulpo a feira, the “octopus for the festival”. Pulpo Pescaccicio is also popular: thinly sliced ​​pulpo with lime oil and diced tomatoes.

Mediterranean starter: Thinly sliced ​​pulpo with lime oil and diced tomatoes. The basil sorbet provides the freshness kick on top.


Our Pulpo arms are pre-cooked and guaranteed to be tender to the bite, making them particularly uncomplicated to prepare: whether fried in olive oil with herbs and garlic, braised in the oven or as a specialty from the grill – Pulpo always works because there is no special degree of cooking is to be observed. When cut into small pieces, the nutty-spicy tasting arms are also great in creamy risotto or pasta sauces, in casseroles and fish pans, in soups or as an addition to summer salad bowls. The versatile Pulpo, which also loves strong flavors such as chilli, garlic and soy sauce, is also recommended for light Asian cuisine, for sushi, wok dishes, saté skewers from the grill and herb salads.


Pulpo loves moderate water temperatures around 20 degrees and lives in rocks and caves. We catch our pulpo in the north-east Atlantic off Morocco and Mauritania. The fishermen work there with pots and traps, with hooks and longlines. These traditional fishing methods protect the marine environment.