The preparation of the lobster is wonderfully uncomplicated: In the shell it gives off additional flavor when cooking – refined with butter and lemon in the pan, or in the oven with herbs and garlic. The shell also protects the fine meat when it is being prepared on the grill. The lobster tails can be placed directly on the grid and then cook in their own natural aroma shell.

When the lobster tails have been released, they are also practical to use: a fragrant crustacean stock can be made from their shells, the lobster meat simply fried briefly in olive oil or butter, the meat may remain a bit translucent in the core, seasoned with sea salt, a dash of lime, a hint Chili – done! Salad and fine cold sauces go well with it, such as a saffron mayonnaise or a tomato sauce rouille.


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The valuable lobster, for example cut into appetizing medallions, with sweet potato puree and coconut sauce or half a lobster from the pan with pecan pesto and pumpkin is also recommended for the sophisticated high cuisine. The lobster can be combined with a wide variety of spices; it loves Asian, Mediterranean, Latin American, and it can also be used in Nordic cuisine. The lobster goes well with exotic spices and fruity notes, the “Caribbean Queen” is a cosmopolitan all-rounder!



Our lobsters come from Canada, Cuba, Indian Ocean where they are gently caught with fish traps in sea waters. Well-functioning fisheries management on site ensures sustainable fishing and population security.




The lobster is a noble feast for the eyes on the plate and a stunner in terms of taste even without a lot of frills. The lobster is one of the most aromatic and at the same time most precious crustaceans: With its firm but tender meat and its nutty-spicy aroma, which is accompanied by a slight sweetness. So that its unique taste is not masked, the lobster is the focal point on the plate. This is not only very easy, but also in no time at all: Cut the lobstered lobster in half lengthways with a sharp knife and, accompanied by oil, a piece of butter, herbs and garlic, add it to the pan for a hot rendezvous. Fry briefly on the cut surfaces, pour the liquid butter over the halves and voilà: the noble pleasure is ready.