Indian Oil Sardine: Sardine is a small, salwater fish with soft edible bones. Sardine is siver color with scales, It has a rich flavoured flesh that is dark coloured Belly rounded, with a low keel of scutes Colour back blue/gree, flanks silvery. A black spot on hind edge of gill cover and a golden patch on the body behind it. Grow up to 60cm.

It has a rich flavored flesh that is dark colored. Oily, dry, crumbly texture, salty nutty flavor. Good for dry salted.

Regional Name:
Marathi – Taradi / Haid / Kanat
Konkani – Tarlo
Kannada – Buthai / Barga
Malayalam – Chala / Neichala / Nalla mathi
Tamil – Peichalai / Challai
Telugu – Noona-kavallu
Oriya – Disco kabala / Nina kabala
Bengali – khaira