Ametheus procure rough diamonds through the distribution channel of world’s leading rough diamond suppliers like Alrosa, Diamond Trading Company (DTC) of Dee Beers Group, Rio Tinto etc. We have an alternative unrivalled supply of rough diamonds from direct small miners of Angola, Botswana, DR. Congo, Namibia, South Africa, Sierra Leon, Russia, Canada which can assure our clients of a consistent, regular & uniform supply.


Gold doré refers to a bar composed of a mixture of precious metals, though these bars generally contain gold and silver. A doré bar is usually produced as part of the mining and refining process, but can also be created from scrap gold. It is a very imprecise term that is applied to numerous forms of partially-refined gold. On average, a doré bar contains 50-75% pure gold.



We are interested in buying life end old demo ships for demolition purpose. Our requirements are:
1.Bulk Carrier, 2.Container Ships, 3.Oil Tanker. 4.Car Carrier. 5. Roll on – Roll off (RoRo) Ships.
Range: For Alang in India Lightship weight should be minimum 2500 LDT to 45000 LDT. For Chittagong in Bangladesh Lightship weight should be minimum 2500 LDT to 20000 LDT.