BlackTiger Corporation Limited (BTC) is a multifaceted trading & brokerage house of commodity, chemicals & seafood. BTC operates retail B2C portal through Ametheus Commodities Pvt Ltd. Along with trading BTC conceptualize special features for Fintech Industry & developing a cloud based International Offshore Business Hub through Ametheus Fintech & Offshore Logistics Pvt Ltd under contractual arrangement with  deep technology & software developers. Estonia Based Ametheus Holdings Ltd OÜ provides consultancy & business advisory services to entrepreneurs.

BlackTiger Corporation (BTC) provides seamless solution for procurement of goods from India, South America, CIS & Europe. We can charter vessel in low freight and also can assist you in arrangement of finance specially LC etc so you can establish a new business relationship with us. We believe in win win share basis business and can provide you strategic support in finance & procurement.

Rice, Corn, Wheat, Barley, Soybean, Feed Meal (De-oiled Cake), Pulses, Sugar, Edible Oil, Coconut
#Sea Food: Black Tiger Shrimps, Vannamei Shrimp, Scampi,
#Chemicals: Choline Chloride, Paraffin, Rock Phosphate, Urea Phosphate, DAP, DCP, Ammonium Nitrate
#Metals: Scrap, Base Metals
#Consultancy: Fintech & Offshore Business Solutions

#BlackTiger Corporation Limited (Hong Kong) – Trading
#Ametheus Holdings Limited OÜ (Estonia) – Consultancy
#BlackTiger Corporation – Trading & Export
#Ametheus Commodities Pvt. Ltd. – Retailing
#Ametheus Fintech & Offshore Logistics Pvt. Ltd. – Fintech & Cloud Based Offshore Business Hub