BlackTiger Corporation (BTC) is a professionally managed Seafood Importer & Distributing House. The company “BTC” has been formed with a focus in sourcing and exporting the seafood products from India, Bangladesh & South America. BTC carries a broad array of fresh and frozen seafood products
which distributes and wholesales throughout the USA, EU, Russia, Africa, China & Japan.

Since 1969 India is exporting of nutritious & competitively priced frozen buffalo meat to 65 countries. With 57% of total buffalo population of the world, India has some of the finest breeds of buffaloes.  The meat is lean, nutritious & has been tested to contain 40% less cholesterol, 55% less calories, 10% more proteins, minerals and more vitamins than beef.  Along with buffalo meat India export sheep, Goat meat and Chicken meat.

Our one stop solution of sourcing, procurement, inspection and shipment of Rice, Corn, Wheat, Barley, Soybean, Edible Oil, Pulses, Feed Meal (De-oiled Cake), Sugar from India, South America CIS & EU. We can charter vessel in low freight and also can assist you in arrangement of LC so you can import the commodities effortlessly. At BTC we simply try to find out way that works.