Rough Diamond

Ametheus procure rough diamonds through the distribution channel of world’s leading rough diamond suppliers like Alrosa, Diamond Trading Company (DTC) of Dee Beers Group, Rio Tinto etc. We have an alternative unrivalled supply of rough diamonds from direct small miners of Angola, Botswana, DR. Congo, Namibia, South Africa, Sierra Leon, Russia, Canada which can assure our clients of a consistent, regular & uniform supply.

Our rough and polished diamond supply channel are in real-time sync which gear-up our trading as much as possible to fulfill the demands of our customers. We also trade in rough diamonds sourced either from mining companies or from the open market. Our range of rough diamonds includes: Sawables, Makeables, Cleavages. We screen every diamond we handle, ensuring their ethical origin and this is further supported through a number of third-party assurance program.

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