1.Vessel Name & IMO No:
2. Country & Year Built:
3. Flag/ Port of Registry:
4. Type:
5. Present Class of the vessel:
6. Present location of the vessel:
7. Light Weight (LDT) in Metric or Long ton:
8. LDT proofs of before and after conversion confirming new LDT:
9. Length Overall x LBP x Breadth x Depth:
10. GRT/NRT (International):
11. Deadweight:
12. Under own power or under tow:
13. Main Engine (Make, Model, BHP, Present working Condition):
14. Working Propeller (Please confirm material and weight):
15. Spare Propeller (Please confirm material and weight if present):
16. Generator(s) (Number, Make, Model, Kw/KVA, Volts, HZ, AC/DC)
17. Emergency Generators:
18. Last Port of Discharge:
19. Vessel is Single or Double Skinned?
20. Does vessel have any side/wing ballast tanks?
21. Vessel has single or double bottom tanks?
22. Spare Anchor:
23. Spare Tail shaft:
24. Number of compartment (Including slop tanks)
25. Location of Ballast Tanks:
26. Ballast Tanks Coated:
27. Permanent Ballast (Material & Weight):
28. Any side tanks?
29. Vessel is of Welded or Riveted construction?
30. Reefer space, if any:
31. Does vessel have reefer holds? If yes, how many?
32. Does vessel have any reefer plugs to refrigerate containers?
33. Deck (single or twin deck)?
34. Material of Car Decks:
35. Material of Internal Ramps (Any perforations?):
36. Number of Perforated Decks?
37. Distance between 2 perforations/holes?
38. Material of Super-structure:
39. Bunkers ROB upon delivery:
40. Capacity of Bunkers:
41. Derricks or Cranes:
42. Any special NON FERROUS or other items that increase the value of the vessel:
43. Confirm number of Vehicles, Deck Lifter, Motorised Rolling Gear onboard:
44. Is there any Cars/Lift:
45. Lane length:
46. Any Conversions to the vessel? (if yes, please answer the following):
47. Type of vessel prior conversion:
48. Date converted, where:
49. Draft of the Vessel (FWD/AFT):
50. Summer Draught:
51. Service Speed:
52. Bow thruster:
53. Max speed at beaching:
54. Max Rated Kw & Rpm:
55. Max output available:
56. Auxiliary Machineries:
57. Heating Coils:
58. All equipment are working?
59. Operating condition of major machinery:
60. Any Removals:
61. Any Exclusions:
62. Is there any damages:
63. Any damages affecting the lightweight of the vessel:
64. Condition of BOW / Side Doors (if any):
65. Last 5 cargoes carried by the Vessel:
66. Vessel laid up in last three (3) years? (When/Where/How Long):
67. Was vessel ever idle awaiting orders for any period of time?:
68. Additional information:
69. Who is the present owner of the vessel: