Preliminary information Memorandum (PIM):

1. Send minimum 10 recent pictures of the vessel on different views.
2. Demo Question duly filled will complete details.
3. Vessel’s Name.
4. Vessel’s previous name (s).
5. IMO Number.
6. Type of Vessel.
7. Country and Year of Built.
8. GRT/NRT (International).
9. LOA/Breadth/Depth (Meters).
10. Copy of Ship Certificate (any two).
11. Lightweight (LDT)/Lightship to be dealt in Metric or Long Ton, to be verified by Trim and Stability Booklet or Capacity Plan with Dead weight scale or any other document in her present or ex name.
12. Deadweight.
13. Material, size, weight of Working Propeller and spare propeller.
14. Complete Details of Main Engine (Make, Model, BHP, Present working Condition).
15. Complete Details of Generators (Number, Make, Model, Kw/KVA, Volts, HZ, AC/DC ) and Spare emergency Generators.