We are interested in buying life end old demo ships for demolition purpose. Our requirements are:
1.Bulk Carrier
2.Container Ships
3.Oil Tanker.
4.Car Carrier.
5. Roll on – Roll off (RoRo) Ships.

Range: For Alang in India Lightship weight should be minimum 2500 LDT to 45000 LDT. For Chittagong in Bangladesh Lightship weight should be minimum 2500 LDT to 20000 LDT.

We have consultant who excels in providing complete one stop solution to vessels heading on their final voyages for Demolition from any location across the world. This is a niche segment of services include right from initial pre-purchase inspections of the vessel on owner’s given information to make an informed decision of purchase and its costs to get her to final destination and on behalf of owners to making it sea worthy under its own power or for towing across continents.

Price calculation:
Scrap ship sells on LDT/LT(LONG TON)
Lightship (LDT) divided by 1.016 = Long ton.
1LT/ imperial ton = 1016.047 (KG) kilograms
A long ton is defined as exactly 2,240 (LB)pounds.

We calculates demolition value from the following formula:
LDT: The lightweight displacement tonnage of the vessel. Defined as the weight of the ship excluding cargo, fuel, water, ballast, stores, passengers, crew etc. The equation assumes that the structure of a ship is 100% steel, which it almost is.

Subcon Scrap Price: The price of scrap steel in the Subcontinent. This includes India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, so the highest of the three is chosen. Measured in USD/lt.

Provide us following 10 points synopsis of the ship:

1. What is the name & IMO number?
2. What is LDT weight (Lightship displacement tonnage)?
3. Present Location of vessel?
4. What is the Payment terms?
5. What is the Price per LT (Long Ton)?
6. Seller has to provide 10 different angle pictures.
7. Engine details, company name and current condition.
8. This ship run on own power or not?
9. Generator & spare generator details and condition.
10. Propeller & spare propeller weight and materials.

Our buying process:

After evaluating the synopsis If we issue LOI to seller then seller must provide us information of vessel in 4 steps (1. PIM + 2. Demo Questions + 3. Price + 4. Payment Terms) so we can prepare the MOA.

(1) Provide us 15 Points Preliminary information Memorandum (PIM):

1.The Seller/Owner will have to send minimum 10 recent pictures of the vessel on different views,
2. Demo Question duly filled will complete details.
3. Vessel’s Name.
4. Vessel’s previous name (s).
5. IMO Number.
6. Type of Vessel.
7. Country and Year of Built.
8. GRT/NRT (International).
9. LOA/Breadth/Depth (Meters).
10. Copy of Ship Certificate (any two).
11. Lightweight (LDT)/Lightship to be dealt in Metric or Long Ton, To be verified by Trim and Stability Booklet or Capacity Plan with Dead weight scale or any other document in her present or ex name.
12. Deadweight.
13. Material, size, weight of Working Propeller and spare propeller.
14. Complete Details of Main Engine (Make, Model, BHP, Present working Condition).
15. Complete Details of Generators (Number, Make, Model, Kw/KVA, Volts, HZ, AC/DC ) and Spare emergency Generators.

(2) Provide us Demo (demolition) question with 69 points to be filled specially with following 4 points in details:

A. Engine details, company name and current condition.
B. This ship run on own power or not?
C. Generator & spare generator details and condition.
D. Propeller & spare propeller weight and materials.

(3) Offer us price in USD per LDT/Long Ton (LT)

(4) Payments Terms:
1. After signing of agreements, the buyers shall establish a confirmed irrevocable sight/ Deferred Payment Letter Of Credit (LC) for 100% of the purchase price payable at sight/at Usance upon negotiation which to be advised /confirmed by Sellers Bank who are authorized to negotiate the LC against negotiable documents.
2. After the deal is finalized the seller will issue a mandate/authority letter to Ametheus to sign MOA on behalf of seller with prospective buyer. After signing the MOA the buyer will open LC and both Buyer and Seller will follow all terms mentioned in the MOA.
3. All mobilization cost of the vessel with crew, salary & wages of staffs, port cost, customs and government charges, Ship Handling and Crew Handing on Sellers Account as per MOA Clause.
4. The vessel must made gas free before arrival in Alang port with gas free certificate in case of tanker.
5. The vessel will sail after LC release, and the payment will be released by swift  after the vessel arrives in Alang port outer Anchorage. Port and Custom duty clearance may take 5 working days. Title of the vessel shall pass and the vessel is deemed delivered the moment the sale’s proceeds/money has been received by sellers in full.

Please feel free to send us offer at our email: info@ametheus.com